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Armodilo Tablet Display Stands transform any tablet into an easy to integrate, small footprint interactive experience. Almost any tablet can be used seamlessly with Armodilo’s patent-pending Tablet Fit Kits and switched out just as easily. Armodilo Tablet Display products are designed to provide the most versatile and attractive way to create small footprint interactive experiences in a variety of environments such as trade shows, events, retail, showrooms and corporate spaces. 

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Armodilo Sphere

The most innovative free-standing interactive touch-point on the market today
Highly Customizable


Sphere is based on Armodilo’s multiple award-winning tablet display enclosures, which are made tough and durable to withstand high use environments. The same high-quality construction and high-security, Armodilo Screw LockTM hardware make Sphere as tough and secure as every tablet stand in the Armodilo family.

Armodilo Original Tilt

If you love the tilt-head design of the Sphere, you’ll love the Tilt
Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Durable lightweight aluminum & ABS build (only 4lbs).
Integrated 90˚ range of movement (45° each side).

Armodilo 3-in-1

The World's Most Versatile Tablet Kiosk
Available in Finishes Black, Gun Metal, and White