Email Security

Think spam is just a nuisance? It’s also the most effective way to transmit a virus!

Email security is a term for describing different procedures and techniques for protecting email accounts, content, and communication against unauthorized access, loss or compromise.

Cloud email security is increasingly important as more and more companies migrate to a cloud or hybrid email platform. Email, which is an organization’s largest attack surface, is the primary target of phishing attacks and can be used to spread malware. 

Pennyrile Technologies layered defenses can provide comprehensive protection that incorporates email security best practices to protect your business.

Email Security Best Practices will help strengthen your defenses against malicious actors looking to take advantage of your business. We can help you implement these recommendations:

For less than a cup of coffee, our email security service prevents all unwanted email, spam, and viruses from ever reaching your network.

Email Security Key Features
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Enterprise Class Solution

Blocks spam, phishing attacks, virus and volume-based attacks before they reach the corporate network.

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Protect against phishing attempts including malicious web links, malicious attachments and fraudulent data entry forms.

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Outbound Email Scanning

Outbound email filtering protects your reputation by keeping users from propagating a virus or replying to a malicious email.


Comprehensive Reporting

A wide range of detailed reports provide you visibility of the volume of email and type of threats so you can see your business is being constantly protected.


No Email Delays

In stream filtering means all email is scanned in real-time. Automatic inbound email queuing assures email continuity in the event of a local server outage.


Simple Configuration

Flexible configuration options allow you to determine what constitutes spam. Personalized white lists, blacklists and rules can be set up and changed per user.

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Archiving, Discovery and Recovery

All email and attachments are filtered for spam and viruses, indexed for search and retrieval (discovery), and then encrypted in an active archive for secure, long-term retention.

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Email Encryption Service

Protect your customers and yourself by encrypting sensitive email. Easily ensure privacy and regulatory compliance requirements with cost email encryption using policies, marking as confidential, or using phrase keywords in an email.

Dynamic Sandboxing

Dynamic sandboxing of URLS and attachments provides real-time analysis of uncategorized URLs that are embedded in emails.

Email security threats are diverse, and the landscape is continually evolving.

Benefits of Email Security & Anti-Spam Solution

If every employee used only 5 minutes a day deleting unwanted emails, how much time would your organization waste in a month? Take your time back and save your company money! Increases employee productivity as it reduces their need to review, analyse and delete suspected spam.

We understand the overhead and threat spam creates for your business and users. Let someone who knows what they are doing setup and manage your email perimeter for you. You will not find a more cost effective per mailbox solution.

Anti-spam provides an additional network perimeter to help stop viruses and malware before they even hit your network.

With so much of today’s email consisting of spam and junk messages, anti-spam filters out all the garbage before it starts to consume your bandwidth or use up space on your server.

Regular reports identify the volume and types of email being filtered, giving you the benefit of seeing where email is coming from and how many threats you have avoided. It is satisfying to know that you are safe!

We can set up your various email filters, or if you prefer, you can have control over what gets through and what is spam. We offer the appropriate security for any size of company and network. And setting it up takes minutes.

Managed Anti-Spam Service – Email Security, Archiving, Encryption, and Continuity

Now in the tens of trillions of emails per year, the volume of spam being sent today is astounding. Junk filters don’t do a good enough job and by the time it reaches your computer it could already be too late.

We believe it’s better to stop the spam from ever reaching your network, because the best way to fix a problem is to prevent the problem from ever happening. Once the unwanted email gets to your network, all it takes is one careless click and your business could be compromised.

Email Security & Anti-Spam

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