Hardware as a Service

What is Hardware as a Service?

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is a solution for companies that don’t want to be saddled with or cannot afford to take on the capital investment of updating their computer and network hardware. It is similar to leasing or licensing in that the equipment is borrowed rather than purchased. You can think of it as hardware leasing rental service. Pennyrile Technologies will purchase the equipment and install at the customer’s site and take care of all on-going maintenance and support throughout the contract as part of our Managed IT Support Services.

Save Money on Computer Hardware

Outdated computer equipment can be costly, especially to a small or mid-sized businesses. It can lead to poor productivity, lower revenue, and lost data. HaaS is like leasing the network equipment, servers, and workstations which your business would otherwise have to purchase. We include maintenance contracts with all of our HaaS agreements to cover the installation, monitoring, and on-going support of the hardware which helps keep your costs down and predictable.

The HaaS model can be a cost-effective way for small or mid-sized businesses to provide employees with state-of-the-art hardware in a cost-effective manner. Pay a fixed, monthly fee and we take care of the rest. Business computer rentals will keep you on top of the latest technology and computer hardware. Many businesses can benefit from computer rentals and office equipment rentals which Hardware as a Service provides.

Turn your enterprise’s IT infrastructure costs from a capital investment into an operational expense with Hardware as a Service.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) efficiently converts capital costs into a manageable monthly operational fee, while keeping computer hardware up-to-date.

Make Budgeting Easy

By not having to spend a lot of money upfront for your next major network or computer upgrades, HaaS has the financial benefit of converting a large capital expense into a more manageable operating expense. This can free up your cash flow and provide more working capital, which is critical for many businesses.

A fixed monthly cost also makes technology expenses easy to budget for. With our HaaS solution, we remove the unpredictability factor involved with maintenance and upkeep of computers, servers, networking equipment, licensing, and more. You will know how much additional employees will cost your business from a technology standpoint.

After a predefined period, or if the equipment degrades or breaks down, we will provide replacements for all HaaS equipment .You can forget about the potential implications of hardware failures and system crashes right after a warranty expires. We maintain a proactive service approach, keeping your business running efficiently and productively.

Too often, new hardware is purchased and maintenance is neglected due to costs. Contact us and see how Hardware as a Service can benefit your business.

Hardware as a Service Benefits

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