NDAA Compliant Security Cameras

NDAA Compliant Video Surveillance Solutions

On August 13, 2019 section 889 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) went into effect. This section prohibits the usage of certain video surveillance, telecommunications services, equipment and components manufactured by specific vendors in federal buildings as well as federally-contracted developments. Federal agencies are also prohibited from doing business with contractors that use surveillance technology from the blacklisted products. The legislation was passed to combat national security and intellectual property threats that face the United States.

The NDAA ban also extends to other manufacturers in cases in which the video surveillance cameras or systems from the specified vendors are offered under another manufacturer’s brand name typical of OEM relationships.

Banned Camera Brands

Camera brands that were specifically banned by the NDAA include:

  • Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company
  • Dahua Technology
  • Huawei Technologies Company
  • Hytera Communications Corporation
  • ZTE Corporation
  • The ban also includes any brands that function under or as part of these companies, including affiliates.

NDAA Compliant Cameras

In order to be NDAA compliant, the manufacturer cannot use a chipset or component made by any of the banned brands. Many manufacturers and distributors are not clear on the exact components and chips inside the cameras which can make it difficult to tell if a particular security camera is NDAA compliant. You will want to ensure your supplier is upfront with you about the components and manufacturer.

However, one example of an NDAA compliant brand is Axis Communications. Their entire product portfolio is considered NDAA compliant. They help achieve this by using an in-house developed ARTPEC chip and not rely on outside manufacturers for components.

It should also be noted that some companies manufacture separate lines of NDAA compliant cameras specific for the US market. An example of these would be the Honeywell 30 Series and 60 Series security cameras.

NDAA Compliant Video Surveillance Installation

If you are looking for NDAA compliant video surveillance, Pennyrile Technologies can assist. While some of our catalog products may not be NDAA compliant, we have a growing list of fully compliant security products ready to be installed on any government property or business that would prefer to use NDAA compliant security cameras.

Call us at (931) 771-1149 to go over your needs and schedule a site survey for a quote. We routinely install cameras for big box stores and retail, restaurants, warehouses, hotels, manufacturers, and more in Western Kentucky & Tennessee.