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Understanding Managed Anti-Spam and What It Can Do for Your Business

The effects of spam on small businesses are evident, and in some cases, they can be devastating. Fortunately, there are people on your side who want to help you avoid spam and all its risks. This is done through a service called “managed anti-spam,” which greatly reduces the risk of clicking a malicious link, propagating a virus, and more.  Spam is a Leading Source of Viruses and Malicious Code These days, the criminals developing and placing things like ransomware and other types of malicious code are not just targeting big business. In fact, they increasingly go after the smaller business owners who are much less prepared to deal with these threats and who are far more likely to pay a ransom out of desperation to access their data. Spam email is a very common source for ransomware, and with every passing year, the criminals developing it seem to get smarter and smarter. They make these emails look exactly like an invoice from a client or a bill from a service provider.  How Does Managed Anti-spam Work? Managed anti-spam is designed to filter out many of the tens of trillions of spam mails sent out around the world every single year. It goes far beyond the “junk mail” filter built into most email clients and instead prevents the potentially malicious email from ever even reaching your company’s network. The goal is to prevent unwanted spam, viruses, code, and other unwanted emails from reaching a place where it can do harm – your network.  How Can You Benefit from Managed Anti-spam? The benefits associated with managed anti-spam are many.  Reduced Operating Costs/More Productivity: When your company is not constantly fending off attacks, you and your employees can get your jobs done. You can also save money on wasted time and ensure your assets are being put to their best use.  Save Storage and Bandwidth: Most companies limit email storage and bandwidth, so the more emails you have filing in during the day, the more difficult these become to manage. With managed anti-spam, the amount of bandwidth and storage you can save is astounding.  Reporting: There’s a good chance you will want to know which emails are being filtered and why, so managed anti-spam comes with reporting services that can help you see in a very detailed way exactly what you are getting for your money. You’ll be shocked at the number of emails you won’t get.  Aside from this, managed anti-spam indirectly protects your company’s most critical assets and information. Once some of this gets out into the world, there’s simply no recovering. By protecting yourself from spam before it ever reaches your network, you can better protect your company and help facilitate its success.  Most managed anti-spam is cloud based, and the good news is that it can be tailored specifically to your industry and company needs. No matter how small your company, and no matter how long it has been operating, it is absolutely critical that you take the time to protect your email accounts today.

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