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5 Things VoIP Can Do that a Traditional Copper Telephone Line Can’t

If your small business still relies on a standard copper telephone line, you may be missing out on some very important benefits. In fact, VoIP is far superior to a traditional landline in several interesting ways. Below, you can learn about five of the most important things VoIP can do for you and your business that a traditional copper telephone line cannot.  #1 – Save You Money If there’s one thing that VoIP can do for your business that a standard telephone line just can’t, this is it. From setup to running cost, utilizing VoIP telephone service is far, far more affordable. Installing a single copper-line based telephone jack can cost you well over $100, but with VoIP, you can attach as many phones as you need as long as you have the right modem and router setup. What’s more, with standard phone service, you are charged a great deal for every single line you have. This simply isn’t the case with VoIP. You could save as much as 50% on your running costs by switching to VoIP.  #2 – Transmit Multimedia With VoIP, you can do a lot more than just make telephone calls. You can transfer video or any other type of multimedia just as you would over the internet. This simply is not the case with traditional telephone service. Though you can sign up for DSL internet service, or internet service delivered to you via a copper telephone line, it is a completely separate service – and it isn’t cheap, either.  #3 – Features are Free If you utilize things like call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, call parking, and others with your traditional landline, then there’s a very good chance you’re paying a great deal extra for them. If you have more than one telephone line, you’re probably paying for these services for each line, too. With VoIP, these features are typically included in your package. Better still, because VoIP is delivered over the internet, you gain access to numerous other features that are incredibly easy to set up, which include automated answering and the ability to give your customers the option to press a button to connect to the right department – all without exorbitant fees.  #4 – Scalability If you work out of an office building with a single telephone line, expanding your operations to include three or four more telephone lines for separate departments as your business grows can be a complex, time-consuming, and expensive ordeal. A technician will need to come and install the jacks and wires, and you will need to pay separately for each individual line in your building. With VoIP, all you have to do is contact your service provider and tell them you need access to more phone numbers, then connect the phones. It really is that easy for your phone network to grow along with your company.  #5 – Improved Productivity Last, but most certainly not least, switching from a standard landline to VoIP can help your employees become more productive. A survey conducted by Cisco Unified Communications found that people who used VoIP at work spent an average of 32 fewer minutes on the phone each day. That’s two and a half hours per work week! What’s more, 74% of employees use a mobile app to take business calls with VoIP service, which not only improves productivity, but also improves customer service.  In today’s high-tech day and age, there is really no good reason to continue paying exorbitant fees for traditional telephone lines – especially if you plan to expand your operations in the future. Instead, switch to VoIP so you can enjoy a great deal of savings, improved productivity, free features only VoIP can provide, and so much more. 

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