VoIP Importance

5 Reasons why VoIP Will Still Be Important in 2020

Thanks to the rise of smartphone technology, landlines are all but obsolete – at least in the consumer sector. For businesses, landlines are still very much necessary, but standard copper wires have all been replaced with VoIP service for a few very important reasons. Below are the five reasons why VoIP will still lead the pack for business phone service through 2020. 

#1 – International Communication is on the Rise

Communication with people in other countries is what helps companies grow. Now more than ever, global markets are the very basis of success. Unfortunately, with a traditional landline, making regular hours-long calls to Europe to discuss business plans can lead to bills of thousands of dollars or more – things that small businesses just can’t afford. VoIP is internet-based, so international calls are far more affordable. 

#2 – It’s More Affordable in Every Way

Imagine opening a brick-and-mortar location and needing 10 phones installed. Traditionally, this would mean 10 jacks and 10 lines, and this may cost thousands of dollars just to initiate – not to mention the labor costs associated with actually installing the physical hardware. With VoIP, all you need is your phones and a modem. That’s it. Everything else is easy to set up and there’s no incredibly high upfront charge. Even the monthly/quarterly service is cheaper than standard landlines, too. 

#3 – VoIP Is Awesome for Conference Calling

While it’s true you can conference call on a landline, VoIP is the much better choice. Copper lines have serious limitations so conferencing capabilities are fairly slim. With VoIP, you can include as many people on your call as your internet speed will allow, and with so many improvements being made to VoIP with very passing year, it’s no wonder that people continue to ditch their standard providers and go with VoIP instead. 

#4 – The Software is Awesome

With landline service, you depend almost entirely on the phone hardware to transfer calls, access voicemails, and perform everyday tasks. VoIP takes this to the next level with on-screen features that you can use to make all your calls far simpler. You can initiate calls right from your computer, listen to your voicemails all at once even when you’re away from your desk, and much more. 

#5 – The Scalability Can’t Be Beat

As your business grows, adding more landlines can be cumbersome and expensive to say the least. What’s more, you’ll have to wait for an installer to hook up the jack before you can even start using the service. With VoIP, you can add lines yourself in some cases, and when you can’t, all it takes is a phone call to your provider. You can add 10 lines or remove 10 lines to help keep your phone plan in line with your business needs – there is no limit to the scalability. 

If you are still using traditional landlines for your business, now is the time to look into making the switch to VoIP. It’s cheaper, it’s better in almost every single way, and it provides you with access to features you simply cannot get with your standard phone service.