How Much do SMBs Really Spend on Cybersecurity?

If your business is just getting started, or if you’re considering expanding, it’s important to think about what you can do to ensure that your data – and your client or customer data – remains secure. Below, you can learn more about how much SMBs really spend on cyber security.

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Security Cameras

License Plate Recognition Cameras

License Plate Capture Cameras, License Plate Recognition, LPR Camera What are license plate recognition cameras? License plate recognition, sometimes shortened to LPR, is a feature on some cameras that allow them to detect, read, and store video of a car’s license plate. They are used primarily for traffic monitoring in

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Guide to Speed Up Windows 10

4 Quick Tips To Speed Up Your PC

For most people regular maintenance on their PC is far from their mind. So we’ve put together 4 quick tips that can help speed up your Windows 10 PC. We hope to followup with some additional tips in the future including some more advanced guides. Change Computer Settings to Best

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