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Connectivity should be one of your top priorities if you own a business. Your enterprise depends on your employees and consumers; therefore, you must always have an open communication channel with them.

You should be able to interact with them on a personal level in addition to having advertising, a website, and certain promotional events as per your business requirements.

One key factor for an open line of communication is data or cellular service. If you have a network that keeps signaling out when you need it most and dropping calls, your customers will likely lose faith in your company standards. That’s something you want to avoid at all costs.

Here is where you should take advantage of the technological breakthroughs of the 21st century and purchase a cell phone booster for your business. Doing this allows you to keep an keep a line available for all your business needs and guarantee constant, smooth connectivity.

Read on for a comprehensive look into cell phone boosters also known as cellular repeaters and why you need them.

What is a Cell phone booster?

Simply put, a cell phone booster helps improve the cellular signal inside a specific area. You do this to broaden your network’s coverage area and strengthen its performance. It is a tool that can provide constant, stable connectivity whenever possible.

However, the device does not always ensure connectivity, especially when there is no existing signal at all. The booster can only function if there is at least one bar of network signal. It cannot provide data network services like a WiFi modem, only boost existing signals.

A primary source of grid connection (like a Verizon or AT&T cellular tower) will provide the signal to the electronic gadget, which will then amplify and broadcast it within a predetermined area. It also goes by signal extender, cellular signal repeater, and cell signal booster.

What A Cell Booster Does

As was already said, a cell phone booster can improve data connectivity in a specific area and aid in maintaining reliable network coverage. The device will expand its range by connecting to an external cellular network. It also can direct the amplified data in the desired direction.

All cellular devices can and will immediately pick up on the enhanced signal when this is done, maintaining connectivity.

The booster may also function in reverse, allowing it to receive signals from cellular nodes and transmit them to the nearest cell tower. This function can aid in faster and more efficient transactions of data.

If you cannot instantly connect to the electronic world, it can be frustrating for you and your staff. Dropped or missed calls could cause you to lose money. The booster will ensure that 99.9% of the time, you can complete your assignment on schedule.

Why A Business May Need A Cell Booster

You must be thinking about purchasing a network booster for numerous reasons. If you’re having problems with dropped cellular calls or lack of cellular coverage in your office or warehouse your, buying an amplifier to increase productivity at work can help. Here is a list of items you can look into.

1) Location of your business or building

Consider obtaining a booster if your business location is very remote and has poor cell reception. This can also mean businesses in urban areas, which are located in spaces that make it challenging to have connectivity all the time.

Another excellent factor to consider when choosing a booster is the size of the business. The system can supply a cell phone boost to a vast workplace with excellent coverage over a large office, space, or region.

Additionally, suppose your business is located in a remote area where the network tends to fluctuate. In that case, you should consider purchasing a cell phone booster to strengthen and enhance your signal so that business operations are not affected.

2) If your signal is weak or keeps fluctuating

Poor network access is bad for business; therefore, a cell booster is an excellent fix. A cell phone booster can help your situation and allow you to always maintain your standard, regardless of whether you live in a rural area or have another reason your network may not be operating at total capacity.

Consider installing a cell signal repeater if the closest cell tower to your location is relatively far away or for building exteriors that may deflect the signal. An amplifier will be an excellent option if you’ve had external interference that disrupt your signal.

3) Business expectations

Most companies rely heavily on high-speed data services and require assistance in most aspects of work. Both large corporations and independent small enterprises need connectivity in their daily operations. Therefore, it is crucial always to have a clear, steady signal.

You should install an amplifier to reduce the likelihood of losing services so that you can take advantage of business opportunities. This is especially true if your business is customer-focused and strongly depends on client engagement.

Types of Cell Phone Boosters

After reviewing what mobile phone boosters are and how they function, let’s take a closer look at the available types so that you may choose the amplifier that best suits your needs.

In the market, there are two different sorts of boosters. These boosters have diverse applications; thus, one cannot be utilized in place of the other because they are both used in distinct settings.

1) Vehicle Signal Boosters

These amplifiers are explicitly made for vehicular use. Metal can cause interruptions in 4G, LTE, or 5G signals, thus making the network fluctuate. The amplifier comes in handy to ensure your cell service is uninterrupted at all times.

Although using cell phones while driving is not the best idea, you still need to receive all your alerts so you can respond to them appropriately. A booster in a car will ensure that your connectivity is at its best even when you’re in difficult areas.

2) In-Building Signal Boosters

A vehicle signal booster can be a helpful addition if your business has become successful and you must be active constantly. However, you might need a cell phone booster for your workspace. These are very different in size and range from vehicular amplifiers, and by switching the antennas and gear, the signal may be increased more effectively.

There are in-building boosters available for both residential and commercial applications. You must keep an eye out for a few factors if you want an excellent amplifier that will function as required. Below are all of the specifications for a fantastic amplifier.

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Parts Of A Cellular Booster Installation

Four equipment fixtures are required for boosters in commercial settings:

  • Outside Antenna – This antenna will receive signals from the central tower.
  • Signal Booster – The booster works as the amplifier that will receive and enhance the signal from the outside antenna.
  • Inside Antenna – The inside antenna will interact with the booster and transmit the signal to the designated area. There may be one or multiple antennas depending on the coverage you  need.
  • Cellular Device – Finally, any mobile device operating within the broadcast region of the inside antennas will be able to receive the broadcasted amplified signal and maintain connectivity.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Cellular Booster

Here are a few things to check while purchasing a signal-boosting system for your company.

1) Make sure you’ve got an excellent cellular antenna. These devices are also known as donor antennas and will be crucial to the network connectivity of your system. There are two types available in the market,

  • Uni-Directional – This antenna is commonly used in residential and commercial buildings. It’s perfect for the areas with the least connectivity and is best for boosting a specific signal carrier of an area.
  • Omni-Directional – The omni-directional antenna is excellent for receiving signals from multiple carriers and is fantastic for boosting connectivity for those carriers. The device is perfect for a place with medium to strong signals since it will automatically latch onto any network within its range.

2) The amplifier is the heart of the cellular booster system. The device will enhance the gain value of the cellular signal the exterior antenna receives. Therefore, the amplification of the connection will depend on the strength of the signal received by the antenna.

Since the gain is measured in decibels-milliwatts (dBm), the closer your amplifier is to -50 dBm, the more stable your connection will be. A good amplifier will carry about +60 dBm gain to approximately +70 dBm.

3) Once the amplifier increases the signal gain, the indoor antenna will distribute it around a predetermined area of your preference using the indoor antennas; depending on the type of space where you want to use the booster, you can choose from 4 specific antennas.

  • Cradle Antenna
  • Low-Profile Antenna
  • Panel Antenna
  • Dome Antenna

The last two antenna choices will enable you to increase the signal gain to its maximum output, making them ideal for use inside buildings.

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Simple Steps to Install A Booster

Here are some simple steps to install a cellular signal booster for your business.

1) You must first find the area of your space where you receive the best cellular signal. This is crucial because the outside antenna will be mounted in this location.

The antenna should be as high up as possible, so if it’s a location that’s hard to reach, you can also get a cellular professional to help you. You should also check for any obstructions that may cause interference in the network.

2) Once you’ve identified the antenna’s best location, you’ll need to take the coax cable and connect it to your amplifier. Depending on where the antenna is mounted, you may have to drill some holes for the wire or run the wire through a vent.

However, if you decide to connect the cable, a drip loop should be added so that there is no water damage to your space or the equipment.

3) Ideally, the inside antenna(s) should be located where you’re facing network connection issues the most. While installing the antenna, there should be a minimum distance of 50 ft horizontally and 20 ft vertically between the outside and inside antennas. This will help prevent oscillation, which may hamper the booster’s performance.

4) Finally, once the system’s components have all been securely installed and assembled, you may turn on the booster by plugging the amplifier into an outlet using the included power cord. Give the machine a few minutes to activate and configure itself after establishing a connection.

Benefits Of A Cell Phone Booster

Here are a few points to consider on how a cell phone booster can increase your business efficiency if you are still debating acquiring one.

    • It will improve call quality: A cell phone booster amplifies weak signals, reducing dropped calls and improving call quality. By enhancing the signal strength, it ensures clearer voice communication with fewer interruptions or distortions.
    • Provides better access to business tools: Weak signal strength can result in slow data speeds, causing frustration and hindering productivity. A cell phone booster boosts the signal, allowing for faster data transfers, quicker web browsing, smoother streaming, and improved download/upload speeds.The goal of any business is growth; to achieve that, you need to have steady connectivity. A cell phone booster will guarantee that your business is always active and completing tasks on time.
    • Reliable communication in emergency situations: During emergencies, reliable cellular communication is crucial. A cell phone booster ensures that you have a stable connection, even in areas with weak signals or during natural disasters when network coverage may be compromised. It can be particularly valuable for individuals living in remote areas or buildings with limited signal access.
    • It can bypass signal-blocking obstructions: Materials such as concrete, brick, metal, low-e glass, large trees etc, are usually the primary reasons for blocking cell service. There are chances the signal is reduced because it cannot bypass such structures. The coaxial cables used by the signal extender system ensure that the signal is uninterrupted and robust throughout use.
    • Increased Signal Coverage: Cell phone boosters can extend the coverage area of a cellular network. They capture existing weak signals from outside and amplify them inside a building, providing coverage to areas that may have had poor or no signal previously. This is especially beneficial in rural areas or buildings with thick walls that can block signals.
    • Enhanced Data Speeds: Weak signal strength can result in slow data speeds, causing frustration and hindering productivity. A cell phone booster boosts the signal, allowing for faster data transfers, quicker web browsing, smoother streaming, and improved download/upload speeds.
    • It’s an investment: The average cost of a cell phone booster can be quite high when procuring it for the first time. A unit can cost about $600 to approximately $900 or even more. However, it pays for itself if you have consistent service that can secure every transaction you make for your business. With a cell phone booster, you can avoid the need for additional expenses associated with alternative solutions like landline phones or Wi-Fi calling. By improving cellular reception, you can rely solely on your cellular network, eliminating the need for additional services or equipment.

Final Thoughts

Cell phone boosters are great for those whose enterprises are suffering because of connectivity issues on a regular basis. It’s important to note that cell phone boosters require a sufficient existing cellular signal outside the building or vehicle to work effectively. They cannot create a signal where none exists. It’s advisable to choose a cell phone booster that is compatible with your carrier’s network and meets your specific needs in terms of coverage area and signal strength improvement.

These devices are specifically made to curate the needs of those who need uninterrupted connection at all costs. If you fall within this category, consider getting a cellular booster for your company. Contact us today for a free estimate.